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Plagiarism & Honesty

Students must understand that the tests/exams they complete and the assignments they submit for evaluation must be their own work and that cheating and plagiarism will not be condoned.

Individual school boards will work collaboratively with their schools and communities to develop strategies for helping students understand the gravity of such behaviour and the importance of acknowledging the work of others.  School boards will also develop policies that address, at a minimum, the following:

- prevention of cheating and plagiarizing
- detection of incidents of cheating and plagiarizing
- consequences for students who cheat or plagiarize

Plagiarism, cheating on tests, examinations or assignments will result in a mark of “0” on that assessment. Parents will be informed in such instances. Any theft of property will be reported to parents and may result in a suspension from school as well as police/court involvement.

Last Modified: Mar 07, 2012
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