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Alumni Profile – Chris Stocovaz
We are pleased to celebrate some of the many examples of staff excellence in Bluewater District School Board with our new alumni profile feature! This week, we highlight some of our former graduates whose career pathways have led them back to Bluewater to serve another generation of local students and families.

Image of Chris Stocovaz
Name:  Chris Stocovaz

Current position:  Elementary Developmental Learning Teacher, John Diefenbaker Senior School

What Bluewater school(s) did you attend as a student?  Dawnview Public School, John Diefenbaker Secondary (now Senior) School

What year did you graduate from Bluewater?  1989

Please provide a brief summary of the career pathways (e.g. post-secondary studies and subsequent employment) you pursued after graduating from Bluewater.

I attended Royal Roads Military College in British Columbia, came back to Ontario to graduate from the University of Guelph, and then went abroad to teach English in Korea and Japan.  In Hiroshima, Japan, I also ran my own business.  After graduating in 2005 from OISE/University of Toronto with a Bachelor in Education, I got hired following an extensive job search in Chesley at Kinghurst Community School that same year.  My teaching led me to Spruce Ridge Community School, where I remained from 2005 until 2015 before being transferred to my alma mater, John Diefenbaker Senior School.

What has been your greatest career achievement thus far?

My decision to return to Canada and give back to the education system that opened so many doors for me, by teaching in Bluewater every day, is my greatest achievement.  There is nothing like it.

How has your education in Bluewater prepared you for your career pathway?

Leadership was the hallmark trait that Bluewater developed in me as a child and as a youth.  The opportunities to see, to do, and to show leadership were the highlight of my education.

Other comments:

The John Diefenbaker Senior School motto, "Enter to learn; Go forth to serve," was my inspiration.  Helping people every day is what I want to exemplify in my career.  I work hard to "be the doorway and not the door" for all of my students.