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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Thursday, February 22, 2018 10:22 AM -0500
Subject:Three Schools Dazzle in Public Speaking Event
A total of 16 students from Macphail Memorial Elementary, Beavercrest Community and Osprey Central Schools took part in the annual Royal Canadian Legion Branch #333 public speaking event on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  Congratulations are in order to the award recipients, along with a "job well done" to all those who competed with their dazzling speeches that focused on a wide array of interesting and informative topics!

First place results:
Primary (Grade 1, 2, 3) - Nicki Ranieri of Beavercrest, "Polar Bears"
Junior (Grade 4, 5, 6) - Abby Trombley of Beavercrest, "Mobile Technology"
Intermediate (Grade 7, 8, 9) - Ella Legate of Beavercrest, "Influence of Literature and Reading"

Junior competition:
2nd place - Logan Mackey of Macphail, "Canada’s Wonderland"
3rd place - Sophie Hawkins of Macphail, "Dr. Seuss"  
Other competitors (not in order of finish): Josh Novak of Beavercrest, "Yokai"; Trinity Ann Bechan of Beavercrest, "Mars"; Jack Farmus of Macphail, "Mission to Mars"

Intermediate competition:
2nd place - Megan Macdonald of Macphail, "High School"
3rd place - Adriana Ranieri of Beavercrest, "Food Waste"
Other competitors (not in order of finish): Ellen Wilton of Beavercrest, "Time"; Victoria Macdonald of Osprey, "Trying New Things"; Liam Taylor of Osprey, "Fran the Adventure Van"; Abbigail Hanley of Osprey, "Friendship Between a Mennonite"; Lauren Osthuis of MacPhail, "Lies"; Gillian Steadman of Macphail, "The Times Up Movement"

The Primary and Junior competitions took place in a classroom, while the Intermediate competitors spoke in the gym/auditorium.  The quality of the speeches was excellent, and selecting the top three from each group was a very difficult task.  The first place competitors will represent Branch #333 at the Zone C-3 competition to be held on Saturday, February 24 at the Harriston Legion starting at 1:00 p.m. with all invited to attend.  First place finishers from the zone competition will advance to the District C competition, followed by a regional competition representing three districts, and then a provincial championship (dates and venues unknown at this time).

Many thanks are extended to the judges, who had an unenviable job of selecting the top students.  Primary and Junior judges were Terry Mokriy, Joanne Gainer, and Michelle Campbell.  Those judging Intermediate included Wally Selihar, Alan Coleclough, Rev. Jeff Kischak, and Cadence MacKinnon.  Chairing the Primary/Junior competition was Branch President Rev. Shawn Ankenmann, while Jim Griffin chaired the Intermediate competition.  Scrutineers and timekeepers were Jane and Bruce Harrison (Primary/Junior), and Freda DaCruz and Daryl Minifie (Intermediate).  Also assisting in the competition were Chris Griffin and Tino DaCruz.

Thanks also go out to Macphail Memorial Elementary School and Principal Laurie Gilkinson for preparing the gym/auditorium and classroom for this event, and all the teachers at the three schools who assisted in preparing the speakers.


On Saturday, February 24, the three representatives from Beavercrest Community School that advanced to the Zone C-3 competition at the Harriston Legion competed, and performed very well!  In the Primary Division, Nicki Ranieri placed 2nd with her speech, “Polar Bears”.  In the Junior Division, Abby Trombley received a participation award with her speech, “Mobile Technology”.  In the Intermediate Division, Ella Legate placed 1st with her speech, “Influence of Literature and Reading”.  Ella will be advancing to the District C competition to be held in Goderich on April 7th.  Congratulations!

Group photo image of legion representatives and students with the three first place finishers holding their trophies in the front row